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pocket handkerchiefs

A pocket handkerchief complements an outfit. Pocket handkerchiefs are available in woven quality or printed quality in pure silk or polyester microfill, in each desired pattern or matching with the tie. They are also available on a card. A pocket handkerchief on a card is ideal if uniformity is wished for and the pocket handkerchiefs have been folded at the same height and the same way.

A custom made pocket handkerchief is possible from 100 pieces.

There is also the possibility to order standard pocket handkerchiefs from our stock collection.


Bistro-ties are a pleasant solution for branches such as for example the catering industry. They are made of woven material and are usually worn on an open blouse or on a chef’s uniform.

A custom made bistro tie is already possible as from 50 pieces!

Lapel bow ties, rosettes & mini-ties (key ring)

In combination with a tie various (small) accessories are possible. Lapel bow ties are made on the back, incl. pin. The rosettes have a magnetic fastening and the mini-ties have been provided with a ring & hanger. Fun as give-away!

Also a custom made accessory?



Request for an offer

(possible from 30 pieces)

Patriek Rooymans
+31 (0)495 - 59 17 52
E-mail Patriek >
Nathalie Humbert
+31 (0)495 - 59 17 52
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