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Should you experience any problems on our website, we kindly ask you to notify us about this via e-mail. We will then do our utmost to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Electronic communication

You can reach us, now and in the future, in various ways, including via the website and e-mail. These types of electronic communication are never 100% safe. If you send us sensitive or confidential information without ‘encryption’ via the open internet, you accept the risk that this information may end up with third parties.

Information and hyperlinks

Unless explicitly stated differently, we offer the information on the website as a type of service, in particular to our current and future contacts, but in fact to anyone who has access to the internet. It is not possible to derive any rights from this. We always endeavour to take the utmost care when composing and/or drawing up our websites. However, this does not mean that we can guarantee that the information provided on the website is always correct, up-to-date or complete.

In those cases where hyperlinks are offered on the website, this does not mean that we recommend the services or products that are possibly offered via those links. We also cannot guarantee the correctness of the information on those websites.


Rooymans Neckwear and/or our employees are not liable for any damage whatsoever that has occurred as a result of (inaccurate or incorrect) use of the information or the options offered by the website or use of the website itself, unless there is a situation of criminal intent or conscious recklessness. Use of the website is therefore completely at your own risk. We are also not liable in those cases that the website is (temporarily) inaccessible.


We will periodically add to and possibly modify the information on the website. We can do this each time immediately and without any notification in advance.

Intellectual property rights

With respect to all the information and/or other copyright protected works on the website we explicitly retain our copyrights and those of our licensees. For the use of the afore-mentioned you need our permission in advance. You can send us your requests regarding this via e-mail.

Applicable right

Dutch law is applicable to the websites and this disclaimer. All possible disputes resulting from the websites and the disclaimer will be submitted, exclusively, to the authorised judge in the Netherlands.