Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Since 1997 Rooymans Neckwear contributes to the accessories that are for sale in the Museumshop of this world-famous museum.

One of the many projects is the tie of high fashion silk with a woven detail of Van Goghs’ ‘Kreupelhout’ from 1889, with matching cuff links. On this tie the typical brushstrokes have been translated into a woven pattern. The set is packed in a giftbox de luxe.

In 1886 Vincent was following classes in the studio of Fernand Cormon in Paris. There one painted from live models or casts. Vincent bought a number of casts. He painted this painting from the cast. Based on this painting: ‘Plaster figure of a horse’, a tie and a scarf have been designed.

The pure silk tie has been provided with the plaster horses from the painting in recurring pattern. The silk satin scarf has been printed with the whole painting by means of a silk-screen print.

Rooymans has also designed a very exclusive scarf de luxe based on the painting ‘Boomwortels’ (1890). This silk satin scarf has been printed by means of a silk-screen print. No less than 17 screens have been used to obtain the desired effect … and successfully! Same as his painting the result is dazzling!

The exclusive scarves and ties are available in the museum shop of the van Gogh Museum, as well as in the online shop.

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