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M.C. Escher is the Dutch graphic artist who became world-famous through his interest in the unusual, which he brought to live in his drawings. All his life Escher was fascinated by repetition, as some kind of continuity in eternity. With an immense enthusiasm he discovered the regular filling-in in his so-called symmetry pictures. With regular filling-in one means a picture that has been completely filled with identical figures that do not overlap each other anywhere. For this Escher found his inspiration in the Moorish pieces of art. 

In the Moorish pieces of art the figures were abstract, but with Escher they represent recognisable things (most of the time small animals such as reptiles, fishes and birds). One can see these works of art especially in the patterns of the ties, bow ties & chokers of the collection, designed and produced by Rooymans Neckwear. Since 1996 this collection is yearly launched by Rooymans, upon order of the M.C. Escher Company.

A large part of the M.C. Escher ties and bow ties are both available on our online webshop as on the official webshop of M.C. Escher 


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