Luc Tuymans

As New Year present for the customers of the Belgian artist Luc Tuymans, Rooymans has printed 3 of his works of art from the painting ‘The Rumour’ digitally on a 100% woollen pashmina. This printing technique gives a very realistic reproduction of the painting. The result is excellent, packed in a white gift box de lux.

Some words of explanation from the artist himself, about the eyes of the pigeon that have been printed on the scarf:
‘I painted the eyes of the pigeons based on an illustration I have found in a book about pigeon racing, a very frequently played discipline in Belgium. On the way the eyes of the pigeons are in their sockets, pigeon fanciers can acknowledge the quality of the pigeons. That’s the reason why you find in books about pigeon racing, an enlargement of the eyes next to the picture of the pigeon. It is immediately obvious that these are no human eyes.
The range of colouring of the eyes is spectacular. The darkest eye is the first for the spectator to see. This painting is flanked below by a large orange-coloured eye and on top by a darker and smaller eye. This way the uniformity of the whole is violated. It seems as though you are being observed, in an enlarged, penetrating way.’

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