• Operating procedure
    1. Offer

    Rooymans‘ service consists of a complete chain of offering, designing, producing and distributing.

    The moment an offer is requested, the team of Rooymans Neckwear is completely at your service. Thus one always strives for a quick and clear service. The customer always receives a neatly arranged offer, together with a number of design proposals. If required some sample ties and scarves are also sent along. Naturally Rooymans Neckwear’s account manager would love to come and visit you or will receive you in the spacious showroom, where you can look at the projects from the portfolio with your own eyes.

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  • Operating procedure
    2. Design

    The designing is one of the core qualities of the organisation. Under the motto ‘a tie is more than a logo’, the designers of Rooymans always dedicate a lot to empathy and a personal touch.

    When one of the designs has been chosen and an order is placed, the production of the weave and/or print test starts. This is sent previously for approval. After approval the whole order is produced.

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  • Operating procedure
    3. Production

    Depending on the type of raw material – polyester, silk, wool etcetera – the production is done there where the correct expertise is present. Rooymans has different production locations at its disposal, with a sharp focus on quality as a binding element.

    Rooymans Neckwear places quality above all, but not at the expense of everything. We make high demands to our material and production methods and we see to it that our employees are able to do their work under safe and healthy circumstances. We expect the same of our suppliers and that is also the reason why we start cooperation contracts with carefully selected companies.

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  • Operating procedure
    4. Distribution

    The moment the custom made ties and/or scarves are ready they are packed and shipped with great care in our own warehouse.

    Finally the distribution, is done by a certified transport company: DPD is specialised in package logistics and has been a reliable partner for quite a long time. Anyway, the delivery process is more than a formality: we do not send packages but gifts.

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